Welcome to Duffin’ Up!

For as long as I can remember, I have always loved the game of golf. My grandfather pushed my dad to have me start swinging at a young age, and both of them always encouraged me to have a club in my hand. My love for the game started those many days ago and continues to grow every waking moment. There’s just one problem that has plagued me throughout my life: I am a bang-average golfer. My dreams of walking over the St. Andrews Bridge or putting on the famous Green Jacket ended when I shot a 105 in a junior tournament 14 years ago (the winning score was a 73. A FREAKIN’ 12 YEAR OLD SHOT A 73 ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!). But what I also realized on that day was what made golf so special: the sharing of the great game with my parents, grandparents, and family.
That is why I decided to start this blog: to bring my love of the game to anyone willing to lend an ear (and a set of eyes). We will discuss all different levels of golf: From the Professional tours and to amateur tournaments, to caddying and messing around with your friends at your local golf club. So grab a refreshing beverage and enjoy a few loops around Duffin’ Up as we bring you golf from the mediocre side!

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