The Walker Cup teams are out and surprise!! people are mad.

Image via Twitter

(via Golf ChannelThe selection process for any team competition, at any level, always generates controversy, but rarely is the oversight this egregious.

Snubbed for one of the coveted 10 spots was Sam Burns. Like several players who were under consideration, the 21-year-old received a brief phone call Sunday night from USGA president Diana Murphy during which he was informed that he did not make the squad. That was the extent of the conversation. No explanation was given for the decision, nor did the USGA wish to elaborate Monday, saying that they were “private conversations.”
But even U.S. captain Spider Miller, who does not have a vote in how the final roster is constructed, seemed caught off guard. Standing on the 10th green at Riviera, after Redman won the U.S. Am and earned a spot on the team, Miller said Team USA wasn’t finalized until “just recently – probably hours ago.”
“There were literally 16 or 17 players you could have thrown a dart at,” Miller said. “I’m sad that there were several players who played well enough but they were only able to pick 10. It’s very unfortunate. It’s sad.”

It seems like every time a golf team is selected or announced, there is always a major controversy around it: Paula Creamer getting left off the Solheim Cup team this year (eventually made the team as an alternate), Bubba Watson being left off the Ryder Cup team last year (deserved because he STUNK last year), and if Phil doesn’t get a captain’s pick for the President’s Cup team in a few weeks. However, this snub of Sam Burns might be the most egregious I have seen in a while.

Burns, on all accounts, had a fantastic year for an amateur. He won the Jack Nicklaus award this year, given out annually to the best college golfer. He then followed that up with a T6 at the Barbasol championship, which would have earned him a cool $113,000 if he decided to turn pro in June. But he did not. And why did he do that? TO PLAY IN THE WALKER CUP!

So let me get this straight: you have the best player in college golf, who already has a top 10 on a PGA tour event, finished in the top 64 at the US Amateur, and stayed an amateur so that he could play in this specific tournament. And what does the USGA do to him? Screw him sideways. It is absolutely unbelievable that the USGA did not name Burns to the Walker Cup. After all of his accomplishments, he is NOT chosen to this team because of what looks like his US Amateur finish.

So yeah, I am won of the people that is currently mad online at this decision. I will not back down until Sam Burns gets named as an alternate and is allowed to play. Until then, I am OUT on the Walker Cup (though I will probably, begrudgingly blog about it).

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