Graham DeLaet does not enjoy fantasy golf owners hounding him

Image via Twitter

(via Golf ChannelThis leads us to Graham DeLaet, who withdrew from The Northern Trust on Friday, citing a back injury. One of his Twitter followers, a fantasy golf player, expressed his extreme disappointment, tweeting “Second week in a row I’ve had a guy withdraw after one round of PGA.”

DeLaet wasted no time explaining that he has no time for fantasy golf players. We’re pretty confident that DeLaet is not alone in his attitude. The only other response we can think of that he could have made is to tell the fantasy players that when they start sending him a portion of whatever money they make on him, then he’ll give them some consideration.



Ooh wee, it seems as though we have one very testy golfer in this. Seeing as how I am a man who plays fantasy golf (Draftkings picks will be out tomorrow!), it sucks when you play someone in your team that ends up either missing the cut or withdrawing from the tournament. It really gets my blood boiling, especially when you put in a good amount of your salary into the player. But I think we all need to take a 30 second time-out, catch our breath, and not act rashly about this. Yes, it’s never fun to lose money, but to hate-mail a guy because he was injured and withdrew from the tournament is just being a dick.

So I am 100% on Graham DeLaet’s side here: just because you put him in your lineup, doesn’t mean you get to freak out on him because he withdrew. If I was Graham, I would have done the same exact thing and publicly shamed these morons.

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