Breakfast Balls: July 19th, 2018

Welcome everyone to another installment of Breakfast Balls. Here, we will discuss the early morning roundup of the day’s most interesting topics and developments. As always, breakfast balls are allowed on the first hole, so we might as well relax, take a deep breath, and crush the drive off the 1st tee to impress all the cute country club girls.


Find out where you can follow all of the Open Championship while you are at work (or at home, or on the road, or wherever)! (via CBS Sports)

Uh-Oh, it seems that the Royal and Ancient is getting into a little spat with Rory McIlroy over Driver testing. “One manufacturer” may have been a little too scrutinized (hint: it’s TaylorMade) (via Golf Digest).

Want to feel like a degenerate gambler (like the rest of the country)? Read up on this article by Jason Sobel on some very interesting prop bets we all want to (but can’t) place. (via Action Network)

There are four players that could overtake Dustin Johnson as the world number 1 golfer at the conclusion of this tournament. Find out who they are here. (via Golf Channel)

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