Champions Tour golfers are hitting the ball farther now then they were in their prime. Wait, what?!

Image via Twitter

(via Golfworld) It’s not just today’s players, however, who are hitting it farther. Yesterday’s players—the guys playing the PGA Tour Champions—are hitting it farther than ever, too. And we don’t just mean farther than previous generations of senior tour players, but farther than they ever hit it in their primes.

To find out how much farther, we went down the list of driving-distance leaders on the PGA Tour Champions this season and then looked up what some of those bigger-name players averaged off the tee during the PGA Tour season in which they turned 30. (We picked 30 because it’s a nice, round number, but it also happens to be the average age of Johnson and Rory McIlroy, the PGA Tour’s two longest hitters this year.) The results were eye-popping, even for the 60-year-olds on the 50-and-older circuit.

Just looking at these number makes my head spin. How, and I seriously mean HOW, does Fred Couples hit the ball at 300 at age 57, but could only hit it about 272 when he was 30? Kenny Perry is another guy on here who is mashing the ball almost 25 yards longer now than he was over 25 years ago. How is this happening?!?!

There is really only one answer I can think of, and that is technology. With all the new tech going into drivers (Taylormade, in particular, has made a huge stride in this), as well as golf balls, it’s really no surprise that even the older players are having pretty monster drives. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll be able to hit it 300 (probably not but you can dream!). But overall, this is a shocking story that I would never believe is true until I saw it.

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