A 16-year-old kid has a hole in one and albatross on consecutive holes…..Pardon?

(Image via Twitter)

(via Golf Digest)

Far, far away from the first round of the 147th Open Championship, a junior golfer made a bit of history himself. Conor Kelly is still a year away from graduating high school, but it’ll be tough for him to ever top what he did on Thursday. In fact, good luck to anyone just trying to match it.

Playing in the final round of the AJGA’s Junior Golf Hub Championship, Kelly, who hails from Thailand, made a hole-in-one and an albatross. On BACK-TO-BACK holes.


This kid needs to retire from golf immediately and I’m not even close to being facetious. In fact, this kid should just retire from school and probably life in general. From now on, he should wander around from country club to country club, show his scorecard to all the club pros, and then take everyone’s money.

Ok, that part might be a tad too far, but the point remains that no matter what this kid does for the rest of his golf career, nothing in any round will ever top this. Sure, he might win a tournament or two, or he might become one of the best players in the world, but he will NEVER top the hole in one/albatross combo.

So congrats, Conor Kelly, you decided against Living Over Par, but you have reached your peak at 16. It’s all downhill from here man.

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