Brandon Stone shoots 3-under in morning Open Championship round, drives to the Old Course to play with wooden clubs in the afternoon.

This is either the biggest power move that I have ever seen in my entire life or one of the most outrageously silly things in the history of golf. The kid just won the Scottish Open last week on a links course and then shot a 68 today at a different links course. You would think he would want to go home, eat some dinner, and rest up to try and maintain his current top-5 place at The Open, right? WRONG, PEOPLE!! Stone makes the drive up to Saint Andrews, books a time at the Old Course, and then goes out to play with Hickory-shafted clubs. That’s right, he went all Old Tom Morris all on our asses and partied like it was 1899. I don’t think I agree with this move, but god damn do I respect it.

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