The course that is hosting this week’s European Challenge Tour event looks straight out of a book

(Image via Twitter)

The European Challenge Tour is Europe’s version of the tour: professionals play here for crappy paychecks in order to grind their way up to the big show (in this case, the European Tour). This week, the Challenge Tour travels to Austria to play at Golfclub Adamstal in Ramsau, Austria. and by God, this might be one of the most beautiful courses I have seen in my life!

My God, give me a plane ticket to Ramsau, Austria NOW! I don’t even care if I ever play the course, just being able to walk around it and see the natural beauty of it would be enough for me. The course looks to be perfectly constructed right smack dab in the valley, with the perfect combination of woodlands and natural water hazards. So if anyone has a few thousand dollars just laying around and wants to donate it to the Duffin’ Up Play Golf Everywhere fund, let me know!

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