Jim Furyk will not commit to choosing Tiger as a Captain’s Pick for Ryder Cup; Tiger Fanboy chaos insues

(Article via ESPN)

Ryder Cup captain Jim Furyk said it was fun to watch Tiger Woods contend at The Open and briefly take the lead in the final round. Whether that means Woods will be on the U.S. team is still to be determined.

“I’m going to handle him the way I do everyone else,” Furyk said Monday before boarding a flight for the Canadian Open. “I’ll ask my top eight guys. The way he’s playing, he might be one of them. I’ll ask the vice captains, collectively, and I think we’ll do the best we can to round out the team. We want the guys playing the best.”

Woods moved from No. 31 to No. 20 in the Ryder Cup standings with two tournaments remaining before the top eight qualify for the Sept. 28-30 matches in Paris. Points are based on money, and the two events left for Woods, a World Golf Championship and PGA Championship, offer two of the largest purses.

Woods already has been appointed an assistant captain, just as he was at Hazeltine two years ago. He has hinted at being a playing assistant.

Uh oh, it seems that Jim Furyk has decided to ruffle a few feathers on this one. People are quite mad online about this, and I actually don’t 100 percent agree with them. And it’s not because Tiger doesn’t deserve to be on the team (which he doesn’t yet), but also the fact that Tiger isn’t a great Ryder Cup player. Look at the following stats for all of his appearances:

That’s right, Tiger Woods absolutely STINKS on the first two days of the Ryder Cup. And people can say it’s because of bad matchups or other things, but it’s mostly down to that he doesn’t play nice with others. In the Ryder Cup, A TEAM COMPETITION, a player that isn’t a good teammate maybe isn’t the best pick.

Now I’m not saying he shouldn’t be an assistant captain, I’m all for that. I think he can really help keep a good control of the team. However, as for playing in the Ryder Cup, I say no!

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