PGA Tour player Jarrod Lyle decides to end his fight with Cancer

(Image via Twitter)

(via Golf Digest)

After two successful bouts versus cancer, Lyle announced last year the disease had returned for a third time. In the last few months, Lyle has been stricken with a mystery illness, one that resulted in a loss of vision and put the the Australian back in the hospital. Sadly, it appears the damage is irreversible. On Tuesday morning, his family took to Instagram and Facebook, announcing that Lyle is bracing for the final stages of his life.

“This will be the final post on Jarrod’s page. Earlier today we started palliative care for him as his body is no longer able to fight. We will take him closer to home to be near his girls. He has put up a courageous fight and he is surrounded by love.

“There is simply not enough time to get this message out to everyone individually, so for some of our really close friends and family I cannot apologise enough for breaking the news in this way. We have done our best to ‘control’ the narrative surrounding Jarrod’s illness and treatment, and as more and more people become involved in this final process I’m not sure how much longer this development will remain private.”

Very sad news for a once very promising player. Jarrod Lyle began playing on the (then Nationwide Tour) in 2004, winning 2 tournaments and achieving his PGA Tour card in 2007 and again in 2009. Though he was diagnosed with Leukemia in 1999, it had been in remission until 2012. He was able to fight once again stave off cancer and resume playing in 2013. He was even able to qualify for the Safeway Open in 2014 and finish T31.

Unfortunately for Lyle, leukemia once again returned in 2017. He has put up a very brave fight for the past year, but he and his family has now opted for palliative care. Jarrod and his family have all of my thoughts and prayers as they go through this period, and I hope that he and his family find peace.

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