The “Other” Tournament: Barracuda Championship, the most interesting alternate event in the game.

As with most WGC and major events (besides the PGA Championship), the PGA Tour will usually put on an alternate event. Much like the Barbasol Championship, the Barracuda is a smaller purse (about $4 Million) and there are less FedEx Cup points given out. However, unlike the Barbasol and other events, the Barracuda has one of the most interesting golf scoring games on tour: a Modified Stableford.

Instead of scoring under par, you aggregate points based on your hole performance. Scoring goes as followed:

The event does penalize you if you have bad holes, but if you’re going to have a bad hole, you can go all out and have a REALLY bad hole, as the scoring only negates 3 points for double bogeys or below. Last year, Chris Stroud won the event with 44 points, and the highest score in history was 49 points by Geoff Ogilvy in 2014.

Although many people will be tuning into Tiger Woods and the rest of the golf gods at Firestone, I hope many of you will stay on Golf Channel and watch this great event after the Bridgestone coverage!

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