Breakfast Balls: August 2, 2018

Welcome everyone to another installment of Breakfast Balls. Here, we will discuss the early morning roundup of the day’s most interesting topics and developments. As always, breakfast balls are allowed on the first hole, so we might as well relax, take a deep breath, and crush the drive off the 1st tee to impress all the cute country club girls.


We all know Tiger dominates at Firestone. Read all about his amazing track record here! (via

If you can believe it, someone actually misses playing with Nike equipment. Read about how Open Champion Francesco Molinari wishes he could still play the swoosh clubs. (via

In one of the coolest maps I’ve ever seen, check out Bloomberg’s  USA map of different industry land! (via Golfweek)

The Tiger-Phil one-on-one match is officially set for Thanksgiving Weekend! (via Golf Digest)

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