We may need to discuss Phil and his dance moves

(Image via Twitter)

MOVE OVER JOHN TRAVOLTA!! Oh, my oh my, Phil made the entire golf world go crazy last week with his prettay, prettay, prettay good dance moves in his new commercial. Now being a humongous Phil guy (and a lefty guy, except Bubba), I can’t help but love this move. The guy has had one hell of a year and continues to show that no-fucks-given Phil is by far and away the best Phil we’ve seen.

What’s even better is that when it was brought up today, Phil was able to once again break it down, and offer some dance lessons as well.

This is why we love Phil: whether it’s his crazy gambling addiction, his unfortunate yet incredible collapses at US Opens, and his general demeanor, Phil is just like every other guy. He just happens to be very, VERY good at golf.

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