16-year-old Ashkay Bhatia DRAINS chip to win 2nd straight Junior PGA Championship

(Image via Twitter)

So as I mentioned yesterday in Breakfast Balls, Ashkay was able to hit an absolute massive chip to win the 2018 Junior PGA. I’m honestly not sure what is crazier: whether a 16-year-old kid can have veins of absolute ice to be able to calmly step up to this ball and drain it, or that he is 16 and won back-to-back Junior PGA championships. That’s right, he didn’t just win this as a 16-year-old, he also won it last year at 15! 15 and winning one of the most prestigious junior amateur tournaments in the United States is absolute madness. Hats off to this kid, as I’m sure we have not seen the last of his name in the golf world.

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