Bellerive has been hit by a heat wave and SURPRISE, the greens aren’t in the best shape

(Image via Twitter)

Oh boy, baked out greens just in time for the PGA Championship. You know that the head groundskeeper is going absolutely BANANAS right now. Not only is the PGA tour probably all over his ass, but you know the Bellerive members and Board are probably calling him day-in, day-out telling him to do better. But honestly, there really isn’t much he can do: the Midwest is getting absolutely crushed by very hot weather, and when it gets hot, grass dries out.

So instead of what we got last year at Quail Hollow, this is going to be hard, fast fairways and hard, fast greens. Personally, I love it. The golfers out here probably aren’t totally prepared for this, and they are going to have to play out of their minds to play well. This could be just what the PGA needs to close out the major season with an absolute bang!

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