Breakfast Balls: August 7, 2018

Welcome everyone to another installment of Breakfast Balls. Here, we will discuss the early morning roundup of the day’s most interesting topics and developments. As always, breakfast balls are allowed on the first hole, so we might as well relax, take a deep breath, and crush the drive off the 1st tee to impress all the cute country club girls.


There could be a little mix-up at the top of the WGR this week, as JT or Justin Rose could overtake DJ as the top dog! (via Golf Channel)

With a new week comes new Ryder Cup updated standings! (via

Relive some of best memories in PGA Championship history! (via Golf Digest)

On a much more somber note, RIP to 13-time PGA tour winner Bruce Lietzke, who was 67 when he passed this week. (via

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