Breakfast Balls: August 8, 2018

Welcome everyone to another installment of Breakfast Balls. Here, we will discuss the early morning roundup of the day’s most interesting topics and developments. As always, breakfast balls are allowed on the first hole, so we might as well relax, take a deep breath, and crush the drive off the 1st tee to impress all the cute country club girls.


Brandel Chamblee says that Tiger “got the least out of his talent” HOT TAKE POLICE!!! (via Golf Digest)

Speaking of Tiger, he continues to battle inflammation “pretty much everywhere”. (via

Bellerive saw 1.1 inches of rain today, how will this affect the rest of the week going forward? (via Golfweek)

Click here for the latest rankings for the US Ryder Cup team heading into this week! (via Ryder Cup)

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