Tiger wants Bryson on the US Ryder Cup Team: I disagree

(via Golf Channel) Tiger Woods, who has taken to mentoring DeChambeau during multiple practice rounds this year, was quite clear on Tuesday when asked about Bryson’s chances, stating: “We want him on that team.”

In his short time on Tour, DeChambeau has become known as much for his talent as his eccentricty. He’s twice run afoul of the USGA – which outlawed his attempt at sidesaddle putting and just recently took away his compass – and he’s developed a reputation as a slow player, the byproduct of his analytical approach to each shot (as if the use of a compass didn’t make that clear).

But unique personalities often shine in the Ryder Cup. Just look at the success of Ian Poulter and Patrick Reed, who seem to rise to the occasion every two years. Some players just thrive on head-to-head competition

“Bryson is very analytical, as we all know, but what most of the guys don’t know is how competitive he is,” Woods said. “He is very fiery, very competitive, and that’s the type of person we want on the teams. We want someone who is fiery, who will bleed red, white and blue. We want those type of players on the team.”

Well, I never thought I would ever disagree with Tiger Woods on anything golf related, but this take is just way too much for me to handle. Everyone knows I am not the biggest fan of the Rocket Scientist, from using a goddamn compass to selling every product known to man before he made a cut, I just don’t think he is a very likeable golfer. What’s even worse is that he basically had 8th place locked up, but his collapse at the European Open and his recent performances, he now sits outside the guaranteed top 8 spots.

As I read this from Tiger, I do get where is he coming from: he has a different type of knowledge of the game and has a fighting spirit. But I do not want a person who collapses under pressure, then he cannot be on the Ryder Cup, ESPECIALLY an away year in Europe. Bryson is a good player, a very good player, but I can’t see any reason why he should be on this year’s team. Maybe the next one after a few more years of seasoning, but I would say absolutely not to him this time around.

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