Zac Blair buys land in Aiken, South Carolina to build Buck Club

PGA Tour player Zac Blair’s long-held ambition to create his own golf course, to be known as the Buck Club, has moved a step closer after he closed a deal to acquire a site for the course, outside the city of Aiken in South Carolina.

Blair will co-design the course with design firm King-Collins, who will also supervise construction. The 407-acre property, described by architect Rob Collins as “sandy, rolling terrain and in the ‘don’t mess it up’ category” is an existing tree farm.

Blair’s original plan, to build the course in his home state of Utah had to be abandoned, as land and construction costs made it impractical to complete the project. The player-developer is currently raising funds to support the development, and Collins confirmed there is no rush to break ground.

Via Golf Course Architecture

If you have never heard of Zac Blair and the Buck Club, I highly recommend you read about it here. It’s a great idea for an interesting course to help grow the game, with two different holes to end each 9 (9 and 9B, 18 and 18B), as well as a fun little 19th hole par-3. In all, a very cool concept for all different types of golfers.

The best part of The Buck Club is the tagline of “Slow Players Will Be Asked To Leave The Property.” AMAZING!! The one thing people always complain about when they go to their local muni on the weekend is the slow pace of play. This is one of the major areas where golf can improve on, especially getting many younger people into the game by speeding up pace of play. And even though this may just be a tagline, it’s great to see that Zac Blair has identified a problem and has a solution to it: slow players are not allowed!

In all, I think Zac and The Buck Club will have a great impact on the Aiken, South Carolina area, as well as have a positive impact on the golfing world. The speed of the game needs to evolve in order to get the casual golfer to participate more, and I think that is exactly what Zac Blair’s Buck Club will do.

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