ANA Inspiration Tradition of Poppie’s Pond Jump Returns this week!

As the LPGA gears up for its 2nd major championship of the year, I wanted to take some time to talk about one of the best traditions on the LPGA Tour: the jump into Poppie’s Pond! The pond was named after Terry “Poppie” Wilcox, who chaired the event from 1994 until 2008.

The tradition goes back to 1988, when Amy Alcott, celebrating her 2nd victory of the tournament, jumped into the pond with her caddie. She did this again in 1991, with both her caddie and Dinah Shore, the founder of the golf tournament. The plunge became an official tradition in 1994, as Donna Andrews made the plunge, followed by Nanci Brown in 1995. Even Pat Hurst, who couldn’t swim, made the plunge in 1998!

Since then, it has been the goal of every LPGA player to make the jump into Poppie’s Pond. Who do we think is going to make the plunge this year? Personally, I think Lexi Thompson could make her second plunge of her career, followed closely by Danielle Kang. Kang has been on an absolute tear this year, winning the first two events of the LPGA tour since its return. As for Lexi, even though she has struggled this season, she always seems to bring her A game into the majors.

Overall, it will be a fun week out at Mission Hills Country Club!

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