Duffin’ Up October 1: Sanderson Farms Championship and Scottish Open Preview

Duffin' Up Episode 63: On The Par Train with Evan Singer The Duffin' Up Podcast

On this week's episode, Brendan and Tim are joined by Evan Singer, founder and Co-Host of The Par Train (@thepartrain on Instagram) to talk about his role as the Zen Master of the golfing world. We discuss what happens when you try to be positive but are having a rough go at it, and how a self-reflection into mental health changed his life. We also discuss the mindset and expectation management that amateurs need to have vs. professional golfers need to have. The boys continue to talk about the mental aspects of the game, and then get into some questions for Evan about Bandon Dunes and his day at The Masters with his dad, and Brendan asked two golfer polls.  Support the show, hit the LinkTree below! https://linktr.ee/duffinup  — Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/duffin-up-podcast/support
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