New Video Upload : Duffin’ Up Episode 67: Jon Pannone of Spargo Golf

Duffin’ Up Episode 67: Jon Pannone of Spargo Golf
This week’s episode hits a little close to home, literally! The Duffin’ Up Boys were able to chat with Jon Pannone from Spargo Golf, one of the premier golf builders and fitters in the country, located just down the road in Cranston, Rhode Island! We discuss how Jon got his start in the golfing world, his chase on a few of the professional circuits, and having to deal with not being paid after placing in tournaments. We then discuss how he shifted his career from professional golfer into the world of club building and club fitting, and what his approach is in club fitting individuals. Finally, we discuss which brands currently have cult-like followings, why playing a mixed bag is the superior way to play golf, and of course some fantastic end-of-show golfer polls.
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